60 Second Interview with Anthony Hudson

July 15, 2005

On September 18th, NOYC member Anthony Hudson will be representing the club, New Orleans and the states when he competes in the 2005 Laser Worlds down in Fortaleza, Brazil. Anthony is ranked 291st in the World Laser Standings.

He needs to raise nearly $4,000 to cover registration, new sails, a plane ticket and other expenses and is asking for your help. If anyone is interested in donating money to assist his effort, you can contact his via email at

Anyway, we recently sat down with him and had a chat regarding his upcoming races.

NOYC - So you're ranked 291st in the World Laser Standings, that's a pretty strong accomplishment, but where's the darn cutoff for being invited to the worlds?

Hudson - The US was allocated 6 of 100 spots at the worlds. There are several major regattas that lead to qualifying. I attended 4 that were in the southeastern region of the country: Midwinters East, US Nationals, District 14 & 15 champs. The winner of Midwinters east & west, North Americans, US Nationals, and Canadian Nationals get an automatic bid. In addition, one at large bid is given to the person who has consistently done well at major regattas accumulating Grand Prix points along the way and hasn't already qualified. I qualified under the Midwinters east bid by being one of the top Americans.

NOYC - If for whatever reason, perish the thought, that you can't raise enough money, how long would it take to sail a 30' Easterly down to Fortaleza, Brazil?

Hudson - An Easterly 30 is a reaching machine. She can carry lots of sail area and remain balanced with her larger rebuilt rudder. So lets say I could sail her down there in 3 weeks. However, I don't really know. I have solo sailed Pompano to Gulfport in under 10 hours. Does that count for anything? With my normal crew of 15, we could race down to J mark and back in maybe 3 hours, after stopping for a swim and bbq.

NOYC - On the 2005 Laser World's website they state, "CearĂ¡ (Fortaleza) is one of the best touristical places to visit in Brasil." Is 'touristical' a word?

Hudson - Touristical is not a word in the dictionary. My flight gets me to Fortaleza 3 days before the regatta. I imagine I will have a little time after practicing to see some sights. I am anxious to see the water. On the Laser Worlds website the pictures of the water are incredible. Lake Pontchartrain is detritus brown, while Fortaleza has turquoise water. I imagine it will look a lot like Miami. Sailing in Biscayne Bay is incredibly beautiful with the clear water and the light colored architecture of downtown Miami in the background.

NOYC - Who did you feel was your toughest competition on the Gulf Coast?

Hudson - John Loe and I have been the only Gulf Coast Laser sailors to attend several major regattas and place well. John is from Southern YC. Recently, John beat me at O'Day regionals in a 12-boat fleet, but I placed ahead of him at Midwinters East and Nationals in larger fleets. We are very equal sailors who love the light fluky gulf coast winds.

NOYC - Who are you pulling for in the J/30 Nationals?

Hudson - I am rooting for the boat I will be on for J-30 Nationals. Jackpot!!

NOYC - Brazil has a certain reputation for having some interesting 'beach' scenery, are you considering trying to raise money for the race and having a second fund for shall we say, more touristical activities?

Hudson - I need no money for beach activities. Every penny I raise will be used towards my huge flight and registration bills. Yet, I will return with many stories and pictures of the beautiful beach scenery for the NOYC website.

NOYC - We'll be looking forward to that Anthony. Best of luck and bring home the win.

Hudson - Thanks.