Short Tack with Andy Lovell (US Sailing Olympic Trials)

June 5, 2005 - Who were the people involved in putting this together?

Lovell - This is an Idea I came up with in February. My next step was to bring in some people who I felt could tackle such a large task. I asked Guy Brierre to lead our bid and eventually the Olympic Trials and he agreed to take charge. Guy is a great leader and he organized a committee to organize the bid and hopeful the Olympic Trials. The Gulf Coast Olympic Sailing committee was established and the members are: Guy Brierre; John Dane III PCYC; Sam Hopkins GYC; John Matthews PYC; Colin Park SPYC; James C. Wade SYC; Thomas S. Meric, Jr. OSA at New Orleans; Jay Cicero GNOSF. Guy also created an Athlete Advisory Committee, which for now is my Brother, Johnny, and I. Each of our host YC's had many members do hours of background work to get the necessary information about the host site for the Bid.

I would like to thank everyone who got involved in the process and esp.

Group Matrix, Richard Sackett, and Matt Spisak and Matrix Advertising - What is the basic overview of the proposal?

Lovell - SYC with the help of NOYC will host: Laser, Laser Radial, 470 Men, 470 Women and Finn

PCYC with the help of BWYC will host: Boardsailing

GYC with the help of BYC will host: Stars and Yingling

PYC with the help of FWYC will host: Tornado and 49er

SPYC will host: All three Paralympic Events, 2.4 Meter, Sonar and A new Two Person Keel Boat - What is the timeline from here?

Lovell - The next step will be a site visit from the US Sailing Olympic Trials selection committee. - Outside of the GYA what other resources were used?

Lovell - First let me make clear that the GYA is not putting in the Bid to hold the Trials. The Gulf Coast Olympic Sailing committee is the bidding entity. That said, all of our host clubs are GYA members.

The Olympic Sailing Association at New Orleans, which Thomas S. Meric, Jr. is the president of put up seed money to make a quality bid package.

Jay Cicero President and CEO of the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation was helpful as a consultant who has much experience in bidding for such events.

Group Matrix and Matrix Advertising helped with the actual presentation of the bid.

Trinity Yachts has pledged to be a lead sponsor of the event.

Chris Bedford and Jennifer Lilly - US Sailing Team Meteorologist. - How did this Idea get its start?

Lovell - It was brought to my attention that US Sailing wanted to have the trials all at one time and in one geographical area. The reason for this is an attempt to gain more exposure for the Trials and our Olympic Sport. I pointed out to them how much coverage we get from our gulf coast media in events like the Challenge Cup and The Liptons. I used the old saying

(Sometimes it is better to be a Big Fish in a Small Pond). The Idea was well received and the Trials was put up for Bid at the US Sailing Spring Meeting. - What are the chances of the Gulf Coast getting the Trial?

Lovell - I think the GCOS has a great bid. We have similar wind conditions to China. The race courses are located very close to the host clubs. The cost of living in our area is much less than our competitors. These factors plus our hospitality, enthusiasm for the sport and our great leadership buy Guy Brierre give us an excellent chance to host a very successful Trials. - What other area's are in consideration?

Lovell - From what I have heard there are three competitive bids. San Diego YC, New York YC and The GCOS. - What kind of economic/other benefits will the area receive?

Lovell - There will be a small number of competitors who will be living in the host cities and spending their money there. I don't think the regatta will effects any one area's GDP though. The larger impact will be exposing all of our talented young sailors to Olympic Sailing. - Has the Gulf South ever hosted such an event before?

Lovell - I do not think any Olympic Trials have been held in our area.